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Welcome to our Charting Pathshala, this has been made to help you understand and interpret Technical Charts better. It is rightly said that technical chart indicators will help you unlock many trading opportunities which in-turn can help you increase you profits. There are more than 100 of Technical Indicators that are available today, and some of them are better than others.

Normally Technical Indicators are used with conjunction with one another for best results for for good buy and sell signals.



1. What are Technical Charts?
2. What is Technical Analysis?
3. Why Technical Charts and Analysis?

All about CandleStick Charts

1. What are CandleStick Charts?
2. History of CandleStick Charts
3. Built of a Candle
4. Patterns used in CandleStick Charts?

Common Terms used in Technical Analysis

1. What is Support?
2. What is Resistance?
3. What is a breakout level?
4. What are Double and Triple Bottom Stock?
5. What are Double and Triple Top Stocks?
6. What are Stock Trends?
7. What are Indicators?
8. What are Overbought and Oversold Stocks?
9. Others..

Technical Indicators

1. Aroon Oscillator
2. Aroon Up/Down
3. Avg Directional Index
4. Avg True Range
5. Bollinger Band Width
6. Chaikin Money Flow
7. Chaikin Oscillator
8. Chaikin Volatility
9. Close Location Value
10. Commodity Channel Index
11. Detrended Price Osc
12. Donchian Channel Width
13. Ease of Movement
14. Fast Stochastic
15. MACD
16. Mass Index
17. Momentum
18. Money Flow Index
19. Neg Volume Index
20. On Balance Volume
21. Performance
22. % Price Oscillator
23. % Volume Oscillator
24. Pos Volume Index
25. Price Volume Trend
26. Rate of Change
27. RSI
28. Slow Stochastic
29. StochRSI
30. TRIX
31. Ultimate Oscillator
32. Volume
33. William’s %R


+ve 30 DMA    50 DMA    150 DMA    200 DMA
-ve 30 DMA    50 DMA    150 DMA    200 DMA

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