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Script namePrice30 DMA50 DMA
Alicon Castalloy Limited895.6863.69895.12
Alicon Castalloy Limited180.9169.28180.5
Aro Granite Industries Limited52.849.6452.56
Aro Granite Industries Limited326.55318.41321.67
Bsl Limited188.55177.03185.34
Country Club Hospitality & Holidays15.614.0714.95
Centum Electronics Limited1720.31716.31706.33
Centum Electronics Limited5.455.485.38
Centum Electronics Limited314.75300.21314.19
Centum Electronics Limited464.5455.64456.55
Centum Electronics Limited828795.48819.72
Elgi Equipments Limited640.45634.48635.3
Elgi Equipments Limited29.428.2728.98
Fineotex Chemical Limited391.15381.34384.43
Federal-mogul Goetze (india) Limite367.1344.07355.73
Gallantt Metal Limited208.4202.11206.94
Gallantt Metal Limited929.8899.98929.31
Gallantt Metal Limited332.25320.63328.52
Indian Card Clothing Company Limite275.7256.63269.02
Indian Card Clothing Company Limite406.35392.45403.04
Indian Card Clothing Company Limite972.65898.87926.02
Jindal Photo Limited618.2597.97613.72
Kothari Sugars And Chemicals Limite58.755.6958.55
Krebs Biochemicals And Industries L71.468.4970.69
Dr. Lal Path Labs Ltd.2358.42209.212308.61
Lupin Limited1622.251622.061608.22
Man Infraconstruction Limited215.35204.69212.82
Marathon Nextgen Realty Limited464.1489.62458.05
Mohit Industries Limited22.620.3121.17
Natco Pharma Limited974.25977.79958.09
Neuland Laboratories Limited6665.46408.626533.95
Nrb Industrial Bearings Limited36.5532.8534.38
Nrb Industrial Bearings Limited138.3132.02134.01
Nrb Industrial Bearings Limited538.9523.35518.68
Pritish Nandy Communications Limite62.458.9759.82
Pokarna Limited476.8460.24475.38
Pokarna Limited26.2523.9426.02
Pokarna Limited515.9507502.72
Pokarna Limited801.5787.95789.79
Shyam Telecom Limited10.910.5410.83
Shyam Telecom Limited680671.27652.66
Subros Limited581546.1575.63
Subros Limited570.7544.39567.77
Tips Industries Limited467.55476.87467.13
Tips Industries Limited53.550.3953.26
Vst Industries Limited3703.353646.063636.83
Windsor Machines Limited83.857678.87
The Price shows the Last close of the stock, based on NSE EOD data


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