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Updated on daily basis, last updated on 01-12-2023
Script namePrice150 DMA200 DMA
Acc Limited1900.251889.91858.49
Acc Limited1013.8996.33947.63
Agro Tech Foods Limited877.25820.35831.45
Ausom Enterprise Limited70.3569.1567.35
Bharti Airtel Limited1023882.38852.8
Blb Limited21.120.7621.32
Bodal Chemicals Limited78.774.6371.9
Cantabil Retail India Limited222.35209.46203.88
Ceat Limited2171.92136.091961.41
Ceat Limited485484.19457.97
Ceat Limited1444.851391.671393.08
Crompton Greaves Consumer Electrica289.9287.76289.9
Crompton Greaves Consumer Electrica166.3166.22161.55
Crompton Greaves Consumer Electrica1183.71179.271138.35
Crompton Greaves Consumer Electrica572.95570.15528.65
Godrej Consumer Products Limited1025.41015.53997.87
Godrej Consumer Products Limited350.4346.06329.93
Hil Limited2891.252889.132777.46
Hil Limited529.85522.74484.65
Impex Ferro Tech Limited3.13.13.02
Itc Limited449.8445.53430.72
Itc Limited109.05106.25105.51
Itc Limited281.5270.32267.09
Mahanagar Gas Limited1063.11048.371025.13
Mahanagar Gas Limited21.0519.8420.44
Navneet Education Limited143.75140.26130.28
Navneet Education Limited774.85761.99740.35
Rana Sugars Limited25.2524.8224.25
Rana Sugars Limited100.7100.2497.05
Rana Sugars Limited576.55555.33531.4
Rana Sugars Limited23.2520.5722.01
Stl Global Limited14.914.7814.56
Stl Global Limited1.051.011.04
Sjvn Limited84.9557.0250.83
Somany Ceramics Limited686.95678.19639.34
Somany Ceramics Limited470.5464.85440.25
Thermax Limited2609.652607.532508.58
Thirumalai Chemicals Limited205.2201.98196.98
Tv Today Network Limited208.9206.46205.9
Xpro India Limited925895.3827.76
The Price shows the Last close of the stock, based on NSE EOD data


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-ve 30 DMA    50 DMA    150 DMA    200 DMA

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