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What is a Technical Chart?

A Technical Chart is a image or a tool showing you the trend of a particular stock, Technical charts are build using the all or one of the 4 parameters for a particular stock, these parameters mainly include the open, high, low and close of a particular stock for a particular time period (say a minute of a day or a week).

Below is a example of a Technical Chart

Technical Charting has become increasingly popular over the past several years, as more and more people believe that the historical performance of a stock is a strong indication of future performance.

The use of past performance should come as no surprise. People using fundamental analysis have always looked at the past performance of companies by comparing fiscal data from previous quarters and years to determine future growth. The difference lies in the technical analyst’s belief that securities move according to very predictable trends and patterns. These trends continue until something happens to change the trend, and until this change occurs, price levels are predictable.