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UTI Top 100 Mutual Fund Unveiled

Posted on: June 13th 2009 in Press Releases.

UTI Asset Management Company today said it has unveiled “UTI Top 100 fund” that offers”more flexibility”to investors. The Top 100 Fund, was a combination of the UTI Index Select Fund and the UTI Master Growth Fund which the company launched, a decade back. Stating…

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Equity funds gain 31 pc in May; best in 17 years

Posted on: June 2nd 2009 in Market News.

MUMBAI: Actively-managed diversified stock funds in India posted their best monthly gain in 17 years with a majority beating the benchmark index in May, lifted by a sharper rally in their mid-cap and small-cap bets. Large exposure to basic engineering and financials, among their top-3 pr…

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Mutual Funds To Build Your Retirement Corpus

Posted on: May 21st 2009 in Stock Views.

Recently-introduced New Pension Scheme (NPS)from PFRDA India has generated a lot of interest among people about retirement planning—especially among those employed in the private sector without a pension cover for retirement. Consultants say most queries about NPS often turn to question…

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ELSS Mutual Funds are best investment option over 3-5 years

Posted on: May 16th 2009 in Stock Views.

Nobody loves to pay taxes. Unfortunately there is no way you can avoid it. Once, you cross a certain income level, you have very few ways to save taxes. That explains people’s obsession with the overcrowded section 80 C of the Income Tax Act. It covers scores of avenues—employee’s p…

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Systematic Investment Plans (SIP) From Mutual Funds

Posted on: May 9th 2009 in Stock Views.

When stock markets rise, most of the retail investors regret not investing in stocks when they were down. Exactly what people felt when they saw the sensex rise 50% in less than two months to cross the 12,000 mark. Instead, when markets plunge, they get scared and sell stocks or stop inve…

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