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Bulls on strike…Nifty ends below 4600

Posted on: August 6th 2009 in Market News.

Sensex slipped 390 points or 2.4% at 15,514 while, Nifty ended lower by 109 points to shut shop at 4,585. Indian markets registered their biggest fall of the month on Thursday with the NSE Nifty index breaking below the crucial 4,600 levels. Markets witnessed heavy offloading in the last…

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Market may lose some more ground

Posted on: April 17th 2009 in Market Outlook.

The party for bulls was cut short on Thursday with bears returning with a vengeance. And, given the high degree of uncertainty about the outcome of the Lok Sabha polls, an unexpected verdict could further dampen the sentiments. …

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Great Speech, Obama! But Still Wrong About The Problem

Posted on: April 15th 2009 in Press Releases.

We can’t say enough about the joy of having a sharp, articulate, and charming president lead this country through this crisis.  Every time we watch Obama speak, our confidence is restored. That said, we wish Obama didn’t spend so much time hanging out with …

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No Way You’re Getting Me Back in This Market – Wallstreet

Posted on: April 8th 2009 in Press Releases.

After the biggest 4-week bull market since 1933, stocks have taken a pause. But the debate is still raging: Was that it? The bottom? The end of the second-worst bear market ever? Should you get in …

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