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Stock to watch for next week

This article was posted on Jul 18, 2009 and is filed under Stock Views

Moneycontrol: Following are the stocks to watch out for next week as discussed by Rahul Mohindar of Viratechindia on CNBC-TV18.

On HDFC Bank and SBI

Mohindar told CNBC-TV18, “I really wouldn’t say that after this kind of a move, I would put my money into SBI particularly for short term, I agree if you are looking at this market three or six months, that call could be very different and you might be entering in a staggered way from here.”

He further added, “HDFC Bank still looks very good as from a short and medium term count, there I think about Rs 1,455 is some resistance but lets say if we get through that, we could see a good 200-300 point kind of move, so short to medium term, I think within banking, I would probably like to watch HDFC Bank.”

On Bharti Airtel

Mohindar told CNBC-TV18, “Its heartening to see the volumes, those formations are on the positive side. In fact in the entire sector, we think Bharti could continue to perform and probably safe bet from a medium term frame.”

He further added, “In the short term, if the index is lets say moving another 2% or so which I am expecting and then getting some resistance for the short term, keeping that in mind, I don’t think these are trades you want to take for lets say a day or two but you could kind of use any downfall to accumulate into the stock, so keeping a horizon of even a month or two is still worth it if you are considering that frame.”

On Rolta and Satyam

Mohindar told CNBC-TV18, “Today, it has been a very good move for the Satyam, we have been bullish on the technology sector as a whole, this stock is probably heading to about Rs 94 and again it’s a short term move which is seen visible here, but within this sector, I think I would probably go to a stock like Rolta which seems to have broken out today for a target of about Rs 142, that would be a preference.”

On ONGC and Midcap

Mohindar told CNBC-TV18, “There are a couple of stocks which look good, in the frontliners, something like ONGC looks good to me, some in midcap like Cairn, Rolta, these are some stocks which I probably would like to roll on home.”

He further added, “On the Nifty side, we have had quite a stretched move over the last 4-5 days, so somewhere a breather could come in so probably atleast I would exit 75% of my Nifty longs and look at a reentry somewhere lower down wherever we get that breather.”

On Banking and Auto

Mohindar told CNBC-TV18, “Autos is in the finest form, I definitely think banking is not certainly far behind, its just that a lot of traders have actually bought into the stocks but if you are looking at this market from not just a trading perspective, maybe banking is a safer heaven, if you look at ICICI Bank or HDFC Bank, these seem to be a smart pick at these levels or even for that matter a frontline heavyweight like SBI, medium term perspective look fairly steady on these so look at this sector for a medium term scale a three month plus timeframe and one should be doing well.”

source: Moneycontrol

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