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Satyam defers joining dates of 9,000 freshers

This article was posted on Mar 24, 2009 and is filed under Press Releases

Citing global economic slowdown as one of the reasons, Satyam Computer has deferred the joining dates of 9,000 freshers to whom the company had issued offer letters.”The joining dates of around 9,000 students of the 2007-2008 batch, who were given the offer letters during December 2007 to June 2008, have been deferred,” a company spokesperson told PTI.

Satyam HR head S V Krishnan said in an email to all the freshers has said this decision was made after careful and extensive deliberations and only after all other practical options were exhausted.

“The scenario (slowdown), combined with the continuing volatility in the business environment, necessitates that we optimise available resources internally and critically reexamine additional requirements (for new-hires) on an ongoing, quarterly basis.”

“While unfortunate, it has also been unavoidable. Added to this was an unprecedented set of events in the organisation, over the past few weeks, which has been most unfortunate,” Krishnan said in the mail.

source: Business-Standard

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