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Opportunities are going to be there in 2009-10 to make a lot of money?

This article was posted on Apr 5, 2009 and is filed under Press Releases

Ramesh Damani, Member, BSE, asks market experts about their outlook for the year 2010.

Madhu Kela, Head-Equity, Reliance MF, Investors will have to be very alert and markets will have lot of volatility. He believes that opportunities are going to be there in 2009-10 to make a lot of money.

Kela is quite confident that the bottom has been made in India. “If we don’t have a catastrophe government which is being formed and the policy reversal in India, some one was telling me that Prakash karat becoming the Finance Minister of India, so that scenarios are different obviously but barring that we may have seen the worst.”

“This is the time which we believe is a bottom up investing time rather than making those big sector calls. I think these are terrific times to pick stocks with longer-term horizons”, Kela stated.

Nilesh Shah, Deputy MD, ICICI Prudential AMC, believes that markets are at a time where history can be shaped or maybe the future. “If all of us go and vote sensibly? – will the market have different index, the answer is maybe. This is an era where lot of events are going to happen and they are going to shape how the markets are going to behave.”

Narayan Ramachandran, MD, Morgan Stanley, does not expect markets to gallop to a new high a year from now. “I do not think equity market is the asset class of choice on a forward one year view even though it may have a positive return.”

ehangir Aziz, Chief Economist, JP Morgan, said there is enough in the economy, in terms of policies undertaken in early part of this year and last December onwards, to get us through a pretty decent economic turnaround in the second half of the year.

Abhay Laijawala, Head-Research, Deutsche Bank, said currently we have a Sensex target of 11,500 for next year. However, he was quick to add that this target could change depending on the contours and the shape that the next government takes.

source: Moneycontrol

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