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More than 1,57,800 workers to lose jobs in Japan

This article was posted on Feb 27, 2009 and is filed under Press Releases

An estimated 157,806 non-regular employees in Japan, mainly temporary workers in the manufacturing sector, will lose their jobs between October 2008 and March 2009 amid the recession, a labour ministry survey showed on Friday.

The estimated number of job cuts during the six-month period represents a 26.4 per cent rise from the Health, Labour and Welfare Ministry’s projection in its January survey, a finding highlighting the severity of employment conditions of Japanese companies amid the downturn.

The latest survey also found 9,973 regular employees are expected to lose their jobs during the half-year period, up 52.8 per cent from the January survey.

The survey found a combined 1,574 college or high school students scheduled to graduate in March have had job offers cancelled by companies.

The figure is about 29.5 per cent higher than the 1,215 seen in the January survey, which was the worst since comparable figures became available in fiscal 1993, eclipsing the high of 1,077 recorded in fiscal 1997, when Japan’s financial sector was in turmoil.

Of those who had their job offers cancelled, 1,280 were college students and 294 were high-school students.

source: YahooFinance

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