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Indian nuke heads met secretly: Sources

This article was posted on Dec 25, 2008 and is filed under Press Releases

The top-level security meeting held by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh last Saturday (December 20) was actually a meeting of Nuclear Command Authority (NCA).

The meeting,  which coincided with the first strong sign of Islamabad backtracking on its promise to crack down on the masterminds of November 26 Mumbai attacks, was kept under wraps so as to not fuel the current war hysteria between India and Pakistan.

The meeting had nothing to do with the current stand-off with Pakistan in wake of the Mumbai terror strikes. Those who were a part of the exercise reportedly said that the ‘only intention’ of the meeting was ‘to take decisions on the further consolidation of India’s nuclear deterrence’.

Meanwhile, the UPA government tried to play down apprehensions of an imminent military action, with PM Manmohan Singh making it clear on Tuesday (December 23) that nobody wanted war. However, sources said that an NCA meeting, without the discussion of the escalating tensions and Pakistan’s denial, is improbable.

source: Times now

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