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Kotak Securities launches ‘Smart Order ‘

This article was posted on Dec 10, 2008 and is filed under Market Outlook

MUMBAI: Kotak Securities on Wednesday launched a new service styled as Smart Order which will help clients buy and sell stocks at the best possible rates from either of the stock exchanges – BSE or NSE.

Once a customer selects Smart Order to buy or sell, it executes the order at the best combination of price and quantity by doing a dynamic search. Kotak authorities claim that it is in fact better than having a dealer who decides the choice of stock exchange that will give you a better price and then executes the deal instantly.

The serivce is available without any extra charge and will be provided to all online clients of Kotak Securities.

Said Prasanth Prabhakaran, senior vice president & all India head for broking, Kotak Securities, “till date the online customer had to manually inspect and select the exchange to get a better price for his transaction. But with Smart Order, Kotak Securities will help them get the best quoted price amongst NSE & BSE.”

source: Economictimes

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