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BSP will vote in favour of UPA, says Maya – Markets Recover from days low

This article was posted on Dec 6, 2012 and is filed under Market News

New Delhi: A day after Congress and its allies defeated the Opposition-backed motion over FDI in multi-brand retail in the Lok Sabha, the upper house, Rajya Sabha, is discussing the issue on Thursday.

The government had sailed through in Lok Sabha after the Samajwadi party and Bahujan Samaj Party staged a walkout ahead of the voting. The Opposition dismissed the government’s victory in Lok Sabha alleging that it misused enforcement agencies like CBI to intimidate SP and BSP and win votes in the Lower House.

After Leader of Opposition Arun Jaitley spiritedly rejected the FDI policy of the government, BSP supremo Mayawati announced that her party will support the government on the issue.

However, she used the debate to take on the BJP after Sushma Swaraj claimed that BSP is supporting the government on FDI as it fears the CBI. For more visit: Zeenews.com

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