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Best Apps for Traders – Forex

This article was posted on Feb 28, 2017 and is filed under Market News

Best Apps for Traders

The world is moving towards mobile and this is just as true for forex trading as it is for any other area. Mobile platforms allows traders to access new tools, increase their insight and knowledge, improve their skills and learn new trading strategies. As technology continues to improve, traders can rely on their mobile devices even more and app developers are working fast and furiously to develop new apps to meet the needs of traders. And, with the increasing number of apps that have been released in the past few years, it is easier than ever to get real-time updates for trading. Here we will look at a couple of the best apps for traders.


FXCM Trading Station Mobile

This is a free trading app that offers easy access to the forex markets and allows users to place and manage forex trades. It provides access to more than 56 currency pairs and offers powerful trading tools.


XE Currency

This free currency conversion app offers live currency rates and charts. It offers currency conversion rates for every world currency and there are market history charts available for analyzing the rates. Users are able to nominate ten currencies to follow. This app comes with a Pro version and using this upgrade, users can monitor up to twenty currencies.



This is a free app that is ideal for beginner traders. It is the mobile app for the BabyPips.com forex forum, the top resource for forex education online. Beginners can make the most of the simple guide to the forex markets, with ‘kindergarten’-level training through to ‘college’-level training that includes information on triangular arbitrage and advanced charting techniques.


FX Trader Magazine

Continuing education and keeping up to date with the market is important to being a successful trader. This free app gives users access to the mobile edition of the leading quarterly publication for currency traders. It includes education, reviews of several forex trading tools and resources, interviews with market experts and successful traders, fundamental and technical analysis, trading psychology studies, trading strategies and in depth economic reports.


Forex Hours

This is a free and simple app that is useful for all traders. It shows the times that forex markets around the world open for business, allowing traders to make trades when liquidity is best.


Choosing Apps

It has never been easier to access foreign exchange markets and this has contributed to the popularity of trading. All the information you need, as well as access to trading itself, is available from the palm of your hand. App developers have capitalized on this and there are all types of free and for pay trading apps to choose from. As a trader, it is worthwhile to pick a few that you find the most useful and to focus on those, otherwise the volume of information can become overwhelming. Find the best apps to suit your level of trading and you can always find new apps as your skill set changes over time.


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